NIN3 + Natsuki K. PT.1 ♡ ♫ ♬ ♯ ♀ +Tips To Keep Your Summer Cool

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This weather is HOTTT! Summer is not fucking around rn. 
Here are our 5 top suggestions for keeping yourself cool this summer: 

1) Mirrored sunglasses. 
 Mirrored lenses most effectively block out the sun. And more importantly, no matter how attentive you are, when you talk to someone they will be a just little unsure as to how much you are actually paying attention. Your basic too-hot-for-summer attitude will be transformed into that special brand of asshole-type cool which you can rely on to keep your summer days extra icy.

2) Slutty baby attire
One of my favorite things about summer is that I get to dust off all of my best slutty baby clothing.  Ideally I would be dressing this way all the time, but summer is the only time that really permits my comfort temperature-wise. And remember, if some dude tries to say something about how your clothes are only covering 10% of your body, just take off your NIN3 Lobster Claw choker and hit him in the face with it! Swift justice!

3) Emotional distance
Nothing keeps me cooler during the summer than actual lack of warmth and feeling. Try on your "cold bitch" hat on this summer by accepting that you're dead inside and unleashing those glacial glares, filling yourself with frosty relief. Keep in the shade and stay shady. Your soul may be cold and black but as long as there's no sun in the mix I don't really see what the problem is.

4) Umbrellas
I don't give a fuck, I will be that person
5) Make your "wet look" literal
  I am in loveeeee with this highlight trend. I am 1000% here for lipgloss, Vaseline, MAC Slime, whatever it is that you use to keep yourself shiny af. But let's take it a step further this summer and bring our wet looks to life by constantly literally dousing ourselves with water. The staff at Wendy's may give you a strange look at first when you ask for 6 extra cups of water and proceed to pour them all over yourself, but that stare is bound to turn into a LOOK of envy and admiration once they get an eyeful of your slicked back hair, shiny face, and freshly cooled-down demeanor. Feel that breeze?
Ok but in all seriousness, Natsuki is perfect, this look is perfect.
Don't dull your sparkle for anyone this week!


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