NIN3 + Jennifer Medina ☼☼☼☃♡ ⚄⚃

☆ Jennifer sparkling in the Hypnotic Babe earrings
♡ Babe'n in the Super Freak earrings

Jennifer Medina is a photographer, cinematographer, musician, and generally lovely human being from Venezuela living in New York. She captures quiet moments of beauty and generally favors soft lighting and cool tones. I feel like her work views really well while listening to Clair De Lune, but it would probably be much more fitting if you were listening to her soundcloud

I shot Jennifer on a disposable during my most recent visit to NY, and since she is such a glittery person I thought glitter would be the most suitable embellishment for the photos. We also walked around Chinatown and shot a short video, which I'll be posting soon :)

We had to shoot multiple earrings because NIN3 earrings look so bomb with colorful hair!!! 

Here are some of my fav photos by Jennifer.
I could literally post hundreds more I love them all so much, so be sure to check out her website and visual diary (and please be sure to credit if you repost any! ♡).  

Have a great day, babes.

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