NIN3 + Jarae H. ⟐⍟☼♡

Jarae is wearing the Transparent Grid earrings
Jarae is a really interesting person. She has this amazing super developed sense of style and just oooozes ease and confidence. She pulls a lot of style influence from her grandmas which is evident in her dominantly vintage wardrobe. She's interested in and pursuing a lot of different creative fields, primarily modeling at the moment, and we're excited for the future when she'll be putting out her own music and music videos. We talked about some of the concepts she wants to work on and it all sounded suuuuper different and cool. Blending together different classic forms of dance and pairing them with music you wouldn't expect... Ugh I just want it to exist already.

I put her in the Grid earrings because they're different, like her. They look amazing paired with other earrings if you have multiple piercings in your ears, as well. And super light weight :) 
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