NIN3 + Sarah Gloom ☆♀☆ ⚄⚃

Sarah is wearing the Divisible By None choker & Money Needs Me top.
Sarah is in a group chat with some friends and I, including the girls behind our fav stockists Tunnel Vision. I remember her telling us a few months back that she wanted to make music. Then- BOOM!  Just a few weeks later, she was sending us demos, finished her EP, invited us to her first show (it was amazing), and now has already filmed a beautiful video for her song Road's End (coming out towards the end of this month).  The name of her band is Making Out With Strangers and it's a nostalgic synth pop dance party. We all work at different paces so the point isn't necessarily to finish things quickly, I just love when people make a plan and then go out and execute it. Sooo inspiring.

Go get what you want, babes!!!


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