NIN3 + Natalia S. ∞∞∞♡●

● Ultimate 9 girl Natalia S. is wearing the Hucci Gucci tank and Hypnotic Babe earrings
One of our favorite things about shooting Natalia is how free she is. She seems to dance through each frame, all in one solid motion. Another model who was great at this once told me it's all about practice... Kind of goes for everything, doesn't it? Whatever you want to get better at, if you feel like you're not there yet, keep going. Jusssst keep going.

P.S. Can we please take a second to appreciate this LOOK??! These swirly babe earrings of perfection (I wear these more than any other NIN3 earrings I think) with the Hucci Gucci tank-
"If you want the hucci you gotta buy the Gucci"


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