NIN3 + Maddy Ellwanger •●♡◑ ⚄⚃

This is Maddy Ellwanger, she's an INSANE SUPER-BABE who works CRAZY HARD around the clock making her art. She's a musician and unique not only for her sound but because she taught herself how to play all the instruments she uses, how to sing, and how to produce and record her own music.
 Not only that but she makes her own clothes, builds her own sets, records, edits, and directs all of her own music videos- & they are so goOOOOd!! 

Maddy 100% embraces her freaky, so I had to interview her for NIN3 TV and pull some good knowledge nuggets.
Maddy is wearing the Girl Power Plus earrings in BLUE!
 Check out Maddy and her music here!
Enjoy, babes!

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