NIN3 + Gifty & Quinn: Unpublished ☆♡☆

These photos of Quinn & Gifty were taken about a year ago but were never posted. There have been so many amazing shoots for NIN3 and choosing which photos to post is always so hard!! You can see the photos that made the cut here & here!

They are both wearing the helllll out of the Multriple T

Life is hard. No one said it was going to be easy, but when it gets bad it can be surprising. If you're going through hard times, listen- we're with you. I was talking last night with Nikki Lipstick about self love and brightening your life, and she had some great tips.
If you're struggling with self love, it can start really small. Pick something out about yourself that you like - it can be something as small as your wrists, even. You don't need to overwhelm yourself. Through determination, and small steps, you can learn to turn everything around. Going on walks and working hard to really appreciate everything- from that nice feeling when you're a bit cold and the sun hits your skin, to the colors of leaves on the trees. Moonlight. We're with you, and we love you, okay? No one should ever feel alone. Mostly not if you're in the 9 crew. If this post doesn't really pertain to you, share it with a friend- you never know who you might be really helping out. When people are in a lot of pain, it can become a habit to create masks to protect themselves from other people finding out, and to avoid the need to be vulnerable. Remember; it's so strong, and inspiring to be vulnerable. To ask for help is one of the strongest things you can do.
And if you are in need of help but not sure who to ask - this link has some great hotline resources for a good variety of things: ♡♡♡

For more videos/interviews talking about topics like self love, check out our Youtube channel. We're going to be adding a lot of content in the next few months and hope we can really change the way people think (about themselves and a number of issues!!) We're really excited to create and share lots of new stuff with you guys :)


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