what is a NIN3 girl?

What is a NIN3 girl?

9 girls always love the fabric they're in.
9 girls speak the truth.
9 girls are never bored.
9 girls always say please and thank you.
9 girls know their worth.
9 girls are not afraid.
9 girls never leave the house without a tube of lipstick and a smile.
9 girls know their numbers.
9 girls always dress to the nines.

We're so excited and ready to finally share with everyone all of our hard work, blood, and tears. This blog will be a safe place for us to share our thoughts through the progression of the NIN3 phenomenon. Currently we're working towards submitting the last of our paperwork so we can day trip up to LA to visit 9th street, the garment district, where we'll hopefully find new inspirations, fabrics, and contacts. 

NIN3 items worn :  *shoulder accent crop t* *argyle mesh bellbottoms + daisy headband*

NIN3 items worn: *red lace bell bottoms + NIN3 fringe muscle tanks* *hologram tri-kimono* *9 daisy headbands*

Shoes from left to right: The 'Everest' by Jeffrey Campbell, 'Warning' by Jeffrey Campbell, and check out Allie's new shoes, the Dolce Vita 'jemma's. Devon's been salivating over those babies for a while, and we all know where they're going the second Allie takes them off... Which she hasn't yet.

Allie's birthday is coming up and we can't wait to celebrate her 19'th! Halloween is approaching, so it's gonna be a haunted celebration. We're planning on going to the haunted hotel (a hotel's underground basement, full of people adorned in fake blood and gruesome masks, just waiting to scare the shit out of you), then dinner,  followed by watching "The Craft", and of course during the day we'll be having a tea party.

Allie's theming it gothic funeral; we'll be mourning the death of her youth.  Black lace, black lipstick, wide brimmed black hats, rings big enough to crush your skull, and don't forget the glitter skeletons!
9 girls always throw the best tea parties. 

Until next time,

xoxo ix
Devon Leigh + Sideara

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