San Fransisco, and BLOW UP!

So a couple of weekends ago, Aimie, Allie, and I went up to San Francisco for the weekend. Unfortunately Sideara couldn't come up because we planned it on such short notice. We went to visit a couple of our friends that go to college up there, at SFSU. Selena goes there, (one of  Sideara and I's friend since fourth grade) as well as Sierra and Allie's boyfriend Graham. We went shopping on Haight and hung out in the dorms, threw Graham a little party because it was his birthday, and went to BLOW UP! It's this Club/Venue that happens once a month, with loud music, cool people, awesome shoes, cute girls, and I cant even tell you how many guys i saw stomping around in those glitter lita's! The best part of the night was when we all got invited on stage to dance with one of the DJ's. NIN3 girls always stand out in a crowd. We cant wait to go again, and next time we'll bring Sid!

We even repped some NIN3 while we were there! Allie wore one of our Hologram bandeaus, I wore a Mickey IX muscle tank and Selena had on our rainbow Hologram Biker shorts.
Yesterday we had Allie's tea party birthday celebration!! We had it in Elfin Forest, which is supposed to be haunted. Apparently there's an old insane asylum nearby.  Patients would escape and dissapear into the same forest we had our tea party in, definitley spooky, it really added to the theme. After we went downtown to the haunted hotel, it was an eventful day, we'll put the pictures up soon!

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