Allie's Birthday Sabbath

Devon and Allie demanded that we come after them, so they could surprise us with the location and decorations, and that they did. White rose petals led up to the site, and we were first met by fake spider webs engulfing all the surround trees. Tombstones, bats, huge glitter skeletons and goblets and lots of food made this picnic extra spooky. We all had a great time, laughing and being ridiculous. 9 girls always give their friends lots of love.

After the picnic we all went to the Haunted Hotel and had the shit scared out of us, although we wished it lasted longer. Next time we'll just run backwards and stay in one of the rooms.

Check out this photostream of a haunted attraction somewhere, its hilarious

What are you guys thinking of being for Halloween? Devon wants to be a skeleton and I want to be Zenon, girl of the 21'st century. Cant waiiit! 

xoxox, S

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