Hello NIN3 pals!
 Halloween is on a Monday this year, so due to school and other obligations most of us have decided to celebrate on Saturday. And that we did! Here are all of our costumes, we had a lot of fun with them :)

Allie was Mr.Fredrickson, the cute old man from up!!
 Devon's a Dia De Los Muertos Girl!

Aimie pre-doll makeup! She was a dummy :) 

I was Zenon, complete with the disc earring if you remember what I'm talking about. If you recognize the fabric, its because its a NIN3 skirt! Would you pick this puppy up if we were to put it into production? We primarily use it for our tri-details on our kimonos. Under that I have one of the new NIN3 designs, major yellow neon material 90's tube action. 
 Its all about doing it yourself- Devon cut up a kids costume & paired it with skello tights, and I futurized some go-go boots with $3 silver spray paint!
Jason was a football player, complete with rolled up t-shirts for shoulder pads and black lipstick face deco!
As we all know, Halloween is a time for a lot of girls to strip off the clothes and show a lot of skin, but
NIN3 girls don't give away too much.

NIN3 boy Cole!! Witchy Kate & skello Devon are off to the right

Natalie's an astronaut in a Black Milk galaxy dress, a self- cut NASA shirt, and a space helmet! Kate screen-printed her own shirt, and shredded the back (it looked awesome).

We'd love to see your costumes if you want to send some photos to our email!

Devon & I will continue to work hard to get the shop together! Right now we're trying to figure out all the production details, and we need to find the perfect fit. Meanwhile, have a great Halloween everyone!!

S / 9

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