On Sideara: Mickey woven back sweater & NIN3 headband
On Devon: NIN3 fringe top & NIN3 white bellbottoms

Well, Halloween was great, but it's back to work for NIN3! We want everything to be absolutely perfect before our website opens to the public. Try to keep yourselves contained, we're working as fast and hard as possible. 9 girls keep their eyes on the prize, always. We're considering a pre-opening, before our inventory is completely full. Also, NIN3 is adding guy's designs and hope to have mens sizes of our women's choices in the future! Scouting our male models is something we're looking forward to ;)

Palladium Boots recently gave NIN3 a shout out for our look with their Pampa Leather Gusset boots! Check out the NIN3 facebook page or Palladium's to see the tag, & dont forget that the shoes are water-proof - a big necessary plus for us adventurous 9 girls. Seriously, click this! http://www.palladiumboots.com/blog/dial-nin3-nin3-nin3

Have a great weekend, remember to always stay focused on your dreams!


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