9 NIN3 9 :) SMILE :) TUBE

Its been a hectic month, a lot of our concentration has been redirected away from NIN3, but I promise this is the last time we'll say that! It's all about to begin, we plan on finalizing our blanks this weekend and visiting LA and the garment district where Sideara will soon be moving. Be sure to let us know if you have any advice which NIN3 items are your favorite to effect the decision of which items will be released first!

Coachella was amazing, Sideara didn't get to go but had good opportunities in LA she couldnt pass up. Its definitely something to experience though, the music and whole thing was unforgettable. Outsidelands is possibly the next hit, San Diego weather has definitely been reminiscent of SF gloom.
But sometimes thats just how we like it.

9 girls' smiles' always brighten up hazy days.


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