9 divine, 9 so fine

Jeffrey Campbell obviously dominates our lives.
These are some of the last times that we'll all have together, and looking back on these photos makes us realize we are in serious need of a reunion. 9 girls savour every moment they have with their friends. There's not much time left, so we're getting ready to squeeze every last drop of fun out of what we do have! 

Lately we've been looking to 9 for answers, and in our quest we decided to create a tumblr that lists the many facts and special qualities of 9 we've collected over the years.

There you can read why we chose 9 as our number, and how it continues to fuel our imagination. New facts will be added frequently, the blog is personal for us but we'd like to share it with you so everyone can see 9's greatness.

We hope you have a great week, XX IX S

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