Goodbyes suck, but there are inevitably times when they need to be said. We are all beginning to move towards our futures, which of course are not all in the same directions.

9 girls always remember their friends and cherish their memories.

And goodbyes don't have to be final - of course we'll all be keeping in touch. All the same we know things will be different and sometimes that's hard to face. But we are heading towards our futures with confidence and the knowledge that we will always be friends!

So what about NIN3? 
We've finally, finally settled into our production methods and legalities. Consider this post the final countdown to the final countdown. And then - SHOP LAUNCH!! 
And the blog?
Sideara will be taking over most of the NIN3 activities, and 9 girls she comes across in her travels will be shot for the blog on the reg. We'll also be taking submissions - see how Dev cut up her shirt in this post? We want to see what you do with your NIN3 shirts. Every girl will be wearing 9 in her own way! We encourage you to tie knots, grab scissors, tuck, and sew!

The future of NIN3 and our lives is quite reminiscent of the whole concept behind the number. Unknown, vast, but full of potential and guaranteed great. We thank you for following our journey thus far and can't wait to make things official with you :)


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