The launch countdown ticker is now live on!!!

Live on 9/27 at 9:27 AM. 

This week/month we'll be working on the final 3 lookbooks for each top, then it's back to production for the next set of items! We hope that in these next few months you get to know your way around the website very well, and visit frequently. ;)

We're working on a one of a kind section on the site for the near future, which will hopefully lead to a release of our regular cut & sew pieces also. 9 girls never give up on their dreams.

Can't wait to share with you everything we've been working on, hear what you think of how you feel in the clothes, see your photos, and your opinions on the site.

Thanks for everything you've given us; every second of attention, like, reblog, comment, thought.. It means the world. This is just the beginning.


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