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NIN3 was featured on the Fashionlushxx blog yesterday! We love Erica so much and think her blog is amazing, so definitely take the time to check it out & add her to your list :) Here's her blog post, be sure to click through at the end to see it on her blog:

" I am so excited to introduce you all to my adorable little muses- Sid & Dev. I met these two lovely ladies when Sideara and I work working together at a RTW boutique here in SD. Immediately her talent took us all by surprise, and when I met her equally as awesome P.I.C (Dev), I knew they’d do something really cool one day.
Than came NIN3. Their brand has been born- and it is so so so genius. Can’t say I was surprised since it came from two of the coolest girls I know.
Hard work pays off, and these ladies are proof (so proud of you two)!!
+ FLxx: Tell us about you lovelllly ladies.
Sideara St. Claire & Devon Leigh: Hi! Our names are Devon Leigh and Sideara St. Claire, and we are the creators of NIN3. We’re both 19 and Dev lives in San Diego while Sideara is up in Los Angeles.
+ FLxx: How did you get started in the business of fashion? Tell us your story.
SSC: I learned at a small boutique I worked at in Solana Beach called Pret-A-Porter, back when you worked there too :) . We would get together and experiment, sewing up little creations for ourselves, altering old clothes, and frequenting our local screenprinter.
DL: I was taught how to sew by my grandma.
Our friends started asking us to make things for them and we became filled with the strong urge to share the clothes with not only our friends, but the world. We gathered lots of advice from everyone we knew who had knowledge in the industry. That’s when we started forming production goals, discussing our vision, and getting serious. During all of this we documented our inspirations, progress, and all the fun we were having along the way on our blog NIN3 Girls. (<—– one of my faves)
+ FLxx: What is the most important thing you have learned in regards to working in this business? Do you have any tips for people looking to enter the industry?
SSC & DL: We think it’s really important to spend all your time working on it. The more you invest in, the more you’ll get out. Also, don’t be discouraged if you’re lost in the beginning. If it’s worth it, you’ll find your way.
+ FLxx: Give us a run down of what a day in life of a fashion designer(s) is like?
SSC & DL: Every day is different, at least at the beginning. A lot of the time it can be pretty stressful! You have to be able to deal well with frustration, time management, and be sure that you remember to take time to push all of that aside and let yourself be creative too. There’s not too much sleep involved haha.
+ FLxx: How would you best describe your line?
SSC & DL: Our line embodies the idea of a 9 girl. That’s someone whose confident and goes after what they want without caring what other people think. NIN3 is a developing brand, and as we grow our designs will too. All of our designs are charged with the fascinating properties of the number 9, and, like us, they’re sassy too. (<—— they’re AMAZING!?!)
+ FLxx: What is your typical go to outfit for a day at work? How about a night out on the town?
SSC: For me, it’s hard to say, but as we’re going over the questions I’m wearing silver go go boots, black lace up Tripp pants, the NIN3 Multriple top, and a blazer I stole from Devon with pointy shoulders that came from a flea market in Paris.
DL: My favorite is a pair of knee highs, her highest heels, a pair of high waisted shorts and a comfy crop like the I Don’t Need Money NIN3 T.
PicMonkey Collage
+ FLxx: What trends do you love for Fall 2012?
SSC & DL: We have mixed feelings on trends. While they have the ability to be an easy way to gain confidence, we believe its easy to lose yourself by training your brain to think of fashion as a set of whats in and what’s out.
We think its important to get to know yourself, and formulate your own tastes as much as you can – its definitely okay to partake in trends but you have to know what you legitimately like as opposed to what you may be buying only because it’s popular. Trends are fun, but ultimately we both try to steer clear of being too aware of them.
In this industry you have to be aware of what’s popular to know what will sell, but we believe there is strength in ability to sell what is new and different to the market.
+ FLxx: How about trends that you find to be cringe-worthy?
SSC & DL: We both feel similar twinges of nostalgia and pain when we see a pair of Ugg boots in hot weather paired with jean shorts.
+ FLxx: What are your favorite places to shop?
SSC & DL: A thrift store is directly comparable to heaven for both of us. Devon also loves Brandy Melville, Nasty Gal, and Home in Encinitas. Hitting up the sales bin @ Urban Outfitters can frequently reveal a golden nugget too.
+ FLxx: Tell us all your most sacred beauty and/or fashion secret.
SSC: Sample sales. Like your favorite designers on Facebook, follow their instagrams, join their mailing lists- THE SAMPLE SALES ARE OUT THERE. Must admit the clothes that I have that are worth the most were bought through the best deals.
DL: Red lipstick – the point is to turn heads.
+FLxx: Who are some of your favorite fashion icons?
SSC: I am super into David Bowie, can’t let go of Mary-Kate, old ladies on the street, and Kurt Hummel from Glee.
DL: I love Alexa Chung, Alice Glass, the Olsen twins.

+ FLxx: What can we usually find in your purse?
SSC: Ridiculous amounts of lipstick, notebooks, wadded up receipts, candy, pepper spray, general chaos.
DL: Phone, frozen yogurt cards, extra pair of socks & of course- make up essentials.
+ FLxx: What is the most beloved item in your closet?
SSC: I cherish the huge overwhelmingly comfy jacket my grandma and great grandpa sewed together, and a zippered jean vest I picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago. These both tie with all of my Brian Lichtenberg pieces.
DL: My favorite items are my vintage Chanel top, leather blue & black paneled Nikki Bikki jacket, and my Hellbounds.
Our love for our own creations may be vain in a way but go without saying. We love our NIN3 :)
Flxx: Tell us your no.1 fashion motto:
SSC:Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Y.S.L
DL: “Pissing everywhere isn’t very Chanel.” – K.L

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