NIN3 + Naja C. ➶♡♡♡

As we were driving to location for the shoot, NIN3 had a talk with Naja about her dreams and where she'd like her life to be headed. She's traveling to New York next week to meet with agencies, which got us talking about modeling and mindsets.
We absolutely love the way Naja thinks. We asked her about her opinions on the pressures to be ultra thin and how she bypasses all the negative aspects of the industry. Her advice?

"It's really important to start with self love. 
You have to understand your worth first and love yourself first because if you dont, you're going to allow people to mold you. There's a difference between being easy to work with and just allowing people to use you as a rag doll...
 It's not always going to be comfortable, especially trying to reach your dreams. But you have to wonder if you're compromising yourself and what you believe for that. 
And if that's the case, there's always somewhere for you to be; there's so many other types of modeling, there's so much you can do. You don't want to just put yourself in a box and be like, 'This is what I want, I want to be on the runway which means I have to be 100 pounds, and for the most part do what ever I have to do to stay there.' 
Those agencies tell you that, but they don't tell you how to do it. That's the part that sucks ... They don't tell you what to do, but they don't tell you what not to do. So if somebody doesn't love themselves and understand that ... it's going to be awful. You have to really love yourself first. I know when Im changing for other people vs. a change for myself."

✿ Stay tuned, the second half of Naja's shoot will be up on the 19th ✿
New NIN3 has finally been finalized (!!!) and the new lookbooks are being planned!!
We cant waiiiit to share.


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