NIN3 + Lolita B. ☼ Back For More!

Didnt think we were done with Lolita photos, did you?
She is wearing the fringed Multriple in gray. We are planning on putting these babies into production. Speaking of planning on putting into production- I know there's been self-spread rumors of new NIN3 for a while and we promise that will drop by the end of next month. We're hoping for them to be up on the 9th, of course. Unfortunately we've had some production issues and we really can't stand for anything but the best. So I know we're keeping it from you, but we're pulling for you. In there are 2 old designs not yet sold anywhere (Bow Down & Meow and the Enneagram) and 1 new design to be unveiled! Thank you so much for remaining patient and continuing to show us love. It's sooo appreciated!
Here's Lolita's most recent [fucking amazing] artistic creation:
9 girls do what they love.

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