☞Alanna P. PT.2: Inspiration Through Success ☼☼♡●•

✿ Alanna P. in W/E MOM ✿
Part 2 of super babe Alanna Pearl is here! She goes to school, works at the best pizza place in the world ugh help us lord, and knows to surround herself with people she loves that inspire her. If you surround yourself with positive things, you'll find yourself becoming more positive. That's a good tip for any of you who aren't sure what you want to do with your life job-wise.
"Its 2 birds one stone kind of thing. Seeing my best friends going above and beyond only inspires me to. It only makes me be my hardest critic and only want to share the best." 
Gaining inspiration from the success of others is a perfect quality; it requires having faith in yourself. We expect big things from Alanna P. and are sure you'll be seeing her again soon!
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