♡♡◈ Mynxii White + NIN3 ◈♡♡ PT. 2 ⚄⚃

Mynxii takes every opportunity she's given very seriously. Working as a professional writer was not something she ever even planned. She became friends with an editor of Style Noir by chance while modeling, and after awhile was offered a spot as a guest blogger to cover New York fashion week. 
Like everything she does, she gave it 100%. The spot, Mynxii's Monologues, ended up getting amazing feedback and she was offered a permanent position at the company. 
☆☆ Mynxii W. in Hucci Gucci ☆☆
"I didn't plan on being a writer, it was just by accident. I was putting all my eggs in the make up artist basket. It was just this little thing, and it ended up turning into a whole career change. It's so crazy, I didn't even know that I could do that! I didn't know that I could write, I didn't know that I had this hidden talent. It's evolved into this huge career for me; like now Im writing for Flaunt. Thats insane."
"You just have to put your heart and soul into everything, and its crazy what the universe will give you."

We're super inspired by Mynxii White, and hope you are too! Check back soon for PT.3 of this series!

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