➶ NIN3 + Miss G. ☆★☆⚛ PT.1 ⚄⚃

✿✿✿ Miss Glitter in Bow Down ✿✿✿
This is Pia B! She's a DJ by the name of Miss Glitter, and she's fucking amazing. She's the current resident DJ for Dripped fashion events and has performed for LA based fashion companies such as Joyrich and Wildstyle. By the end of this year her EP will be released, self-produced experimental future beats with vocals (we can't wait!!). For Pia, music and fashion go hand in hand; she's been designing most of her clothing since she was in high school, & her most recent clothing line is called Apostasy.
You can find most photos of her design/styling work at 
& her Soundcloud can be found @ her DJ website:
We are crazy for Miss G!! Part 2 & 3 coming soon ♡

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