◐♡ Feral Creature + NIN3 ✸❁✿ PT.1 ⚄⚃ ♡◑

❂ Eugénie G. in Hucci Gucci ❂
This week, we met up with major babe Eugénie Grey of Feral Creature. She has amazing style and a great aesthetic (not to mention she's gorgeous), but what really made her stand out to us as a NIN3 girl is her intelligence, sweeet personality, and work ethic. 
She's worked 3 jobs at once since she was 17 to help her family- currently she is working as the executive assistant to the president of an international show production company, managing a boutique on Rodeo Drive, working as the creative director of a clothing company in downtown LA, modeling, & attending CSULB full time majoring in business management and information systems and minoring in psychology. Somehow while doing all of this she manages to update her blog regularly, so she is basically a super hero.
She's super nice and has a great outlook, so we can't wait to share our video interview with her in PT. 2. Make sure you check out her blog, Instagram, Tumblr, & Lookbook!


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