☥ NIN3 + Jason A. ✪✧❈ ⚄⚃

If you're not familiar with Jason Altaan's work yet, you should be. Not only is he a spectacular artist, but he's our good friend and has collaborated on many NIN3 projects. Just recently he drafted us up a few logos. Check em out!
Why you so cool, Jason?
Here's a juicy throw back to some of our fav Jason Altaan x NIN3 collabs:
Adrienne M, Devon, & I shot by Jason
Marge shot by Jason
Allie, Devon, and I shot by Jason & edited by Sideara. Hehehe.
Jessie Jae Joplin shot/edited by Sideara with strong creative direction from Jason Altaan
Adrienne M. & Hanna B. shot by Jason.
So pretty much, he's the best. He's attending Central Saint Martins in about a month (and Lee is leaving tonight, having to say goodbye to friends is so hard) and although we'll probably die from missing him so much, we're looking forward to seeing all the wonderful art he'll make there and are stoked we've been able to witness all of his growth. 
Make sure you check out the rest of his work by following his Tumblr and visiting his website!! These photos don't begin to graze this surface of what this kid is capable of. 
Enjoy your weeks!

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