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Isabel is currently living at home & working as a receptionist and social media queen for clothing company American Deadstock. She's saving money to travel the world to visit her friends around America and Europe. We called her up to exchange some words on forming friendships through the internet, and life happiness. 

How has the internet changed your life?

Basically all of my friends are from the internet... Cause you can find people who have similar interests, and get to know people really well and then its kind of a more natural way to make friends than just meeting someone and then finding out what theyre interested in or what there passions are. Like, it's all kind of upfront so you're aware of what they do and what they love, and its all obvious from the start.

How do you work on yourself in terms of loving yourself and staying happy?

I actually work on that a lot. I basically started telling myself that I'm a good person... So RuPaul, the God Rupaul, one of his main quotes is "if you cant love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love anybody else?" and thats a very true statement. So I feel like you kind of have to fake it till you make it - be like, "yeah I'm awesome, I totally love who I am and I'm okay with the way that I look, I'm okay with my personality, I'm okay with what I can do and what I cant do," and then even if you don't really believe it, if you just keep telling yourself that then slowly it'll kind of work... I also think that surrounding yourself with people that are positive and are not going to bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself is so important.

How did you come to embrace your personal style?

Actually I feel like I didn't have very much style until maybe like the end of high school or I got more into my own thing... My style is kind of similar to the way my mom dresses, my mom is very artistic and creative, so she also dresses uniquely i suppose. I feel like that has really influenced me, and then the blogging community again has influenced me because when you see people wearing things that, in your head, you might think, 'that's too extreme for me to wear,' but then you see people doing it online, and its like, 'oh i can do that too'. So I feel like its a combination of those things and then also what I find appealing to look at; bright colors and flowing things. I just like the way that those look, and I kind of always have. Maybe its because its really fucking comfortable.
 I was semi raised by a Pagan witch, and she wore colors every single day. It was always long flowey skirts and printed dresses and stuff like that. Really colorful, she had dyed red hair and like wore green eyeshadow and purple eyeshadow and stuff like that every day. So whenever I saw people dressing like that, it kind of reminded me of her and it was comforting. I feel that had a pretty big influence on how I dress as well. 

Parting words?
I think that you should, again, surround yourself with people -either on the internet or in real life- that love and support you no matter what. Also reading up on people like RuPaul. I really do think that RuPaul is a genius. He promotes so much love for yourself, that is a major way that I decided I'm totally okay with the way that I am. RuPaul is always like, 'Just getting out of bed? Thats great, good job. Doing things for yourself? That's good.' He is extremely brilliant, but on top of that he explains and says things in away thats really relatable in a happy positive way. 



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