NIN3 + Kelsey R. ☝☝☝♡☝☝☝

♡ Kelsey R. is wearing the Tropico Sparkle Lust Cloak ♡
The Lust Cloaks are hand sewn with a needle and thread right here in sunny Los Angeles at the NIN3 HQ. It takes hours, and a ridiculous amount of love is put into each one. We guarantee only the most magical memories will be made when you wear them! We obviously had to shoot it on Kelsey because she's a multicolored magical babe and that's just the sort of person we imagine wearing one of them.
♡ She's also sporting the new laser cut iridescent Venus Earrings
This material is magical - it's pink, green, purple, blue, or icy clear depending on which way you turn it! Also highly reflective, it practically glows in the dark. We're pretty obsessed.
Kelsey's also wearing a new choker of ours: the Drunk In Love choker!! It's got lovely little metal hearts and the cutest matching heart clasp. Dead.
This time of year is exciting because you look back and reflect on everything you've accomplished thus far. Inevitably following that, your mind drifts to the future, towards everything you hope to accomplish in the coming year. This isn't the only time to be planning ~ 9 girls don't wait till New Years to reinvent themselves. But you're on the subject, why not create some new goals? Conquer some fears in 2015.  Cut out toxic people to make way for amazing new friends. Do what you've always wanted to. Make it happen. We know you can!!


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