NIN3 : DAY W DEV ♡♡♡ ☆ ♡♡♡

Dev wearing Hucci Gucci
Dev in the Enneagram T
Sideara in a Bow Down prototype
You can only be separated from best friends for so long until insanity ensues... 
Luckily Dev & I have been reunited! I got to spend two lovely days with her here in LA, which are very special considering she'll be moving to San Francisco to study & pursue art in just a month.
Which means that SF will soon see more of NIN3!
Allie came up as well, and we all met up with Riley & made fun. It feels so good to reunite friends. Speaking of- I'll soon be traveling to Israel to see our best friend Lee and will be meeting up with NIN3 girls living there as well! Can't wait to share!!


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