I hope the following photos of Prince give you some peace and inspiration, brought me joy to find them for you!!

All of these textiles together... God

I mean... just.... perfect

How do you even perform with thatttt onnn Godd


Alive for the coordination


These fucking PANTS!!!!

K hope you enjoyed that

For me, clothing can be a shield, a way to give myself strength, find community. I hope these Prince photos can inspire you to find that for yourself!! It's been easy, in quarantine, to not get dressed sometimes. For some people that's freeing and beautiful. But for me, I feel much better when I get up and get dressed. It can help jumpstart the day and make it feel a tiny bit more in control of time, which doesn't exist anymore.

Stay safe, stay positive, stay motivated, keep pushing for the future we all deserve and need!! Happy Juneteenth tomorrow!! 




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