[[ This was written before his death, if anyone was wondering ]]

Ok so, maybe we don’t like Karl Lagerfeld. He’s a self-hating fatphobic dickhead. But he’s also an incredibly creative, driven, self-made, self-hating fatphobic dickhead. And he’s pretty funny. But I’m not here to praise Karl Lagerfeld. To be honest, I don’t even really know that much about him.

All I really care about is how incredible his apartment was in the 80s.

“Lagerfeld had embraced Ettore Sottsass’s Memphis movement — the tongue-in-cheek riot of colour, disjointed lines and feral ideology of the early 1980s that has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Along with friend Andrée Putman, Karl had assembled an elaborate collection of key pieces and prototypes from the Milan-based postmodernist design group — and Spelman would document this salient collection.”

To read the full article that accompanied the majority of these images, click here.

Memphis was born in the winter of 1980-81 when a group of Milanese architects and designers felt an urgent need to reinvent an approach to design. The movement was defined by a reckless desire to be radically different from current circumstances and ‘good taste’ according to the international convention of housing being furnished with ‘real design.’ The group's colorful furniture has been described as "bizarre", "misunderstood" and "loathed.”

Some of the pieces featured in Karl’s apartment:

Basically an endless hole of inspiration to travel down here. Goodbye!!

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