I set out on an endeavor in like 2014 to make a toy collection and even got to the point of ordering hundreds of eyes, but the person I was working on them with disappeared along with all the eyes (no hard feelings, I think there was something heavy going on) and I lost my drive for the project. Maybe one day I'll pick it back up? Anyway, here's some fucking toys!! I love character work so much and am totally inspired by old toys. There are new toys included in here as well and I'll do my best to credit the artists. Sorry in advance for any low quality photos!

This guy reminds me of mean 12 year olds

This one is by Yoshimasa Tsuchiya


@@@ all the cool instagram makeup girls to cover this look

The watermark on this one is for an etsy store that is sadly closed now - mama deer looks kinda evil

I really love this one, the spots are a perfect detail 


I'm sure some of these are famous characters that I'm not aware of

I believe this one is by Yuji Nishimura

The credit on this one is "Max Toy Kaiju Negora & Konatsu Mini Negora (Calico version)"

I love him!!! This one's on ebay listed as "T9G x Shoko Nakazawa Koraters Rangeron Neon - Sofubi Sofvi‬ Kaiju". Wanna buy it for $115? Click here

This one is an old soviet toy piano!

I think Brittany would like this one

This one is credited as "Customized Tigan Figure (Bullmark/Yamanaya) painted by ILANENA"

The faces on this one are kind of scary but I absolutely love how they're inlaid and the petals are bangs!!

This one is perfect

This one's def gonna kill you in the middle of the night

This cutie came from this website

I want to get into more character work!!! V inspiring. I hope you enjoyed.

Keep fighting for what's right. 

Looking to help out?? Two of my amazing friends in LA created a database of black trans women/queer femmes to donate to. Please scroll through and help out!!! They took a lot of time to compile this database and it is pretty amazing. Community support on an individual level is powerful and beautiful. Join the movement!!!


So much love,



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