Hi! I'm Sideara St. Claire, a multidisciplinary artist living in New York. This is my brand! I create strong designs for strong people and celebrate anyone who chooses to stray from the norm. Each piece is designed, laser cut, assembled, then packaged with love and shipped out by yours truly here in New York. My 10% program donates 10% of the total revenue from each sale to organizations that are important to me (learn more about the organizations we support by clicking the 10% tab above)!I hope my brand can help change the way you think of plastic - as a precious metal and something to be cherished and kept forever as opposed to something disposable. I balance running the shop with acting, school, and working on music- all of which influence my designs in a feedback loop of outré fun and creativity. I hope my designs can help you find and feel proud of everything about yourself that is unique to you. LOVE YOU!!!! Photo above by Brian Vu.


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